Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its Sardine Puff not Sardine curry puff!

So, I got a lecture from a malay stall uncle. I don't really know why I was feeling bit sick(pukish) this morning after taking my vitamins (1 500gm primrose oil, 1 EnervonC, 1 EyeVital, 1 Multivitmin). Hubby suggested may be I didn't eat enough food before taking the vitamins and to buy something to eat along the way to work. I decided to buy 2 Sardine curry puff (ok, this is before I know it is Sardine Puff) and I asked for them. The malay uncle looked at me in his serious face and said, "Its Sardine Puff NOT Sardine Curry Puff, remember!" I was like "Oh ok, thanks." and noticed that they were quite small and he said 80c.

I realised I have a total of $1.50 in my wallet and realised I can afford 3 of them so I asked for another one and gave him 1.20c. He returned my 20c and said, its 40c each and 3 for $1!!! how cool is that??

However, I know my days of curry puff breakfast is ending soon as hubby is signing me up for my gym membership today!!! Sky Fitness, here I come.

More to come... stay tune..

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