Saturday, June 27, 2009

3 years old Birthday Party

Last night we had to attend to a birthday party of Hubby's co-worker. Gosh, kids nowadays grow so fast and I realise how much damage and noise can happen if you put 30 small kids and the parents are put in a room. Yes, it was noisy with kids squealing and running and crying. Anyhoo, food was great. Majority of the function were Indians apart from me. Oh wait, let's just put it as everyone except me were Indians so it was Indian food(North Indian). So I was in heaven with all the tikkas and yummy Indian-Chinese noddle. Yes, there is such food. I know I am yet to put up any pictures yet and I should very soon.

After the party, we joined a newly wed couple (not so new as their wedding was on the 5th of June) at their house to enjoy some wine. We didn't stay too late as Hubby was coming down with bad headache. Poor thing, he suffers from headaches and migraine like that every now and then. As soon as we got back we had to go to bed straight as his head was getting worse.

We still managed to go to the gym today, I think Hubby only came to gym because of me. I should try and go by myself soon so that he wouldn't feel bad next time. After gym, we just ate at a food court. I had clay pot chicken with dried chill and Hubby had dry Yong Ta fu in Vivo City.

In the afternoon after we got back from our lunch I watched a Hindi movie on TV (Jodhaa Akbar) quite nice. Just that it was 3 and a half hour long movie. By the time it ended, it was time to prepare dinner.

As for dinner, I cooked Burmese chicken curry, dahl and Burmese tomato salad. I will try and put up the recipes soon.

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