Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Woke up at 6:44 for Gym this morning. While getting dressed, I noticed a friend's FaceBook note saying Michale Jackson Died. Thought it was a joke and switched on CNN and true enough, breaking news about his death. Oh well.... I am not such a great fan of him but since he was the King of Pop it was truly a shocking news.

OK, back to my dinner last night and workout this morning.

Vegetarian Dinner
No, I didn't cook last night. I was in office till 7 30 and hubby came to pick me up which was really sweet of him. We both were starving by the time I got out so we decided to make do with Komalas at East Coast.
I had Brayani and Poori Set. YUUUMMMY. Don't ask me if Komala's food is good. Thursday dinners are also GREAT! because we fast on the day so lunch was only fruits.

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