Thursday, June 25, 2009

Food event and Infamous

We decided that Thursdays we will give our body a break. Since we fast on Thursdays it is more of a practical thing to do anyways.

I got home around 7 20 yesterday evening from work and our helper was already cleaning the house. Good thing hubby's office is close to home so he could come back early to let them in. Them meaning she brought her sister to help. Our helper comes every Wednesday to clean the whole house and iron our work clothes for the week. She's gem :) and $10 an hour how kool is that? She only takes maximum of 2.5 hours to do all those.

Ok, back to our evening. Hubby was grinning whole evening because his arms and shoulders were sore lastnight from.. yes not so hard to guess .. from the workout. For me, surprisingly I only feel a bit of strain on my tummy. Not too bad or may be I didn't do my crunches to hit those muscles under the FAT!!!

Lunch was Yong Tou Fu for me. Is having 10 pieces in Yong Tou Fu too many? :) I chose, Brocoli, Chinese Vege, Lady's finger with fish, fish wrapped in Tou Fu sheet, meat ball, tomato, Fried fish piece, Rice vermicilli, Steamed fish cake and a fish ball. So I would say not too bad I only had 1 fried stuff in there but I know I should reduce it to 8 next time :)
I brought an apple cut up and half a pear to work and snacked on it whole afternoon which made me feel like a good girl after snacking on mini biscuits before.

As I was walking back, hubby called so told him to take out the Shesk Kababs that my MIL sent and decided we'd have Tom Yam Noddles (instant noddles : ) ) with grilled Kababs. I will try to get the pictures next time.
After dinner, we decided to sit and relax for awhile and thought of watching a movie. Hubby found a movie called "Infamous" and at first we thought it would be such a slow movie. However, we thought it was such a brilliant drama and would recommend anyone who would like to enjoy a good quality movie.

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