Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oven baked Salmon for Dinner

My dearest hubby did the grocery shopping as he finished his work earlier than me today. He even came to pick me up from the station. I was touched by this until he saw me and said "Oh, didn't bring your laptop back? I couldn't have come if I knew that" ha ha. Anyhoo, I was happy he came.

After so much anticipations, he managed to make his Chilli Sambal tonight guess what! it was awesome apart from his hands are still burning from the chilli. Will post the recipe soon.

Me, I just made simple grilled sweet potatoes and oven baked salmon in foil. I was happy how it turned out.. I must say it was quite good. Recipe coming soon..

Oh and yes, we're going to the gym tomorrow 7am!!! So time to go and pack now... Catch you tomorrow and will let you know how it turned out after nearly 8 months of not exercising.

Good night...

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