Tuesday, June 30, 2009

35 Mins and ouching...

We have been pretty good with our work outs. Despite the Aunt's visit Hubby still joined me for gym this morning. Yes, he's gorgeous. So today is my cardio day. Oh I have not mentioned how sore I was on Saturday, Sunday and also yesterday since I did my lower body this morning as soon as I stepped on the the thread mill, my knees were wobbling. I didn't even think that I could "WALK" more than 5 minutes. And who knows...


  • Total Duration : 35 minutes
  • Calories Burned: 142
  • Distance : 3.6 km
  • Sweat Meter : not enough
  • Highest Intensity : 7.5
  • Longest duration on highest : 2 minutes
  • Second Highest Intensity : 7
  • Longest duration on second highest : 6 minutes

I was actually ready to give up on the 3 minute on my 7 and there comes Chamillion's song. No idea the title of it but hey, its a Hip Hop how can I just stop my running there!!! So I kept running with the song imagining I'm those hot chicks in the MTV and guess what! It works!!! I made it to 6 minutes but my knees were giving away so I had to slow down ....

Anyhoo, my goal is to be able to make it to 5 km under 30 minutes and cut those sides of my thighs!!!!

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