Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy Sunday

Its crazy because we got up at 7 45 on a Sunday morning. Hubby was feeling better from his headache which was good.

After our quick breakfast which was tea and cake rusk (which is not really good to be having everyday but those buggers are really really tasty and addictive) we went out to do our grocery shopping. Believe it or not we were too early. We got there around 9:15 and the supermarket only opens at 10. So we went to
ToastBox and decided to have a decent breakfast. I had Nasi Lamak and Hubby had Laksa with tea and coffee each.

I finally managed to cleaned up the kitchen and we attempted to bake a cake which failed miserably. Need to do proper research on recipes next time.

Our Dell is also not behaving well so Hubby tried to fix it nearly whole of afternoon and our plan of Sunday movie at home did not work out.

Late evening, our close friend couple (Jit and Kanu) came over and we went out to China town for shopping and dinner. It was a nice evening. I bought a cotton top and skirt for 10 bucks each! Yes yes, will get the pictures soon.

Got back home at 10:10 and realised its Monday tomorrow and we packed our gym stuff, office stuff and went to bed around 11:00.

Oh yes, we also managed to buy our water bottles, and a tiny shampoo for Hubby for him to use in the gym. Its really cute, and its travel size.

Stay tune for the Monday workout....

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