Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grilled imported and frozed kebabs

I thought it was great to be home early last night but ended up having to wait for 45 minutes downstairs as I did not have the keys. The evening breeze was nice but was not so great when I my legs were so sore from my lower body work out and the 35 minutes run. The sight of me coming down from the bus last evening was exactly how a 80 years old woman would come down from it. Yes, it was that bad.

Anyhoo! I got a really nice surprise from my best friend and her boyfriend came over. She got my such a gorgeous lip gloss, a cute tub of eye cream and a Seventeen ( I think) magazine from a library. Uh huh, I will have to return it to the library.. So that means, I can just forget about returning it... ok ok, I am not that mean.

They didn't manage to stay for dinner, however! they managed to take a taste of which was part of the dinner, Sheesh Kebabs which were sent from India by my MIL ( Mom In Law). Hubby made the dinner and I only grilled the kebabs. I think there's a name for that dish but I would just simply call it a wrap. It was wrapped in tortilla wraps which has grilled onions, sauteed tomatoes and the grilled kebabs. The wrapped were slightly coated with egg wash to keep them together and heated on the grill. Yes, it was AWESOME!!! I will try and take pictures of it next time.


  1. the kebabs were even better than my dinner! i want more kebabs....NOW!