Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So I did it!

Yes, yesterday evening I was feeling so pumped at work and getting all ready and geared up for a run in the evening. Of cuz I was so worried that I might just back down on it. While I was at work, I was preparing my playlist and even tried to find the Nike + iPod on my phone. I used it on my iPod Touch before but I wasn't sure on the iPhone so I thought I'd prepare them in advance so I won't have any excuses. So yes, you can say that I was pretty much well prepared.

The moment I got home, I kept telling myself that no matter what you are going to feed Tinki and change and walk straight out of the door and that's what I did. Well let's just say that I managed to step out to do what my mind was set to but was my body ready? I did run a while and then I had to stop. I have been really under estimating the outdoor running and oh boy have I got a lot to catch up on.

As soon as I get home, I was looking forward to make something really refreshing and I thought of my Dragon fruit! So I made dragon fruit and fig juice!

It was just what I needed after the run/walk of 40 mins :)

My Stats 

Run/Walk : 35 mins
Distance : 4km
Calories : 239
Sweat level : Pretty good for a second day

I need to calibrate my distance. So I can get an accurate distance next time.

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