Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smoothie week truly

Blue berries smoothie ooohhhh ya! when we realised that strawberries smoothie should have been perfect for a Thursday breakfast, I remembered my frozen blue berries and raspberries. Yes, that's something new I figured out on saving fruits which don't get used within a week. I'd freeze them and just throw them in my smoothies or lemonade. 

Doesn't it look so sexy? Yeah, it does and tasted darn good too. Ok, let me rewind to yesterday evening. So, I was so pumped to go for a run BUT, the nature didn't let me. It was pouring down when I got home and decided to just started baking something. Something meaning BREAD! yes, I'm so not giving up on it just yet. Remember my crazy shopping for the baking stuff on Sunday. Among a lot of flour, I also picked up this 5 grain Bread mix. I thought I'd try that but truth is I wasn't so happy that it is a pre mixed. Sorry I am a "from the scratch" girl. That allows me to know what is inside of something that I'm eating.

Also, I found a recipe for buns and I thought why not. Whenever I hear wholemeal, whatever it is, it makes my heart skipped. So here they are. The buns turned out OK not great as the it needs to be a little bit more fluffy both hubby and I feel. Well, definitely a second try is on the way.

The bread of cuz came out 90% perfect. I was so in love! The dough actually raised!!!! I was such a happy girl to see it! So here they are.

With that, I made us dinner. It's my all time favourite Peprika and lemon grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and grilled asparagus.

Today, hubby's sister in law and nephew are coming and let's see what sort of food they'd like to try. 

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