Monday, September 20, 2010

Mad shopping for baking stuff

I can't even think of where to start about our yet another busy weekend. 2/3 of the weekend I was actually in pain yes, not good at all but I was happy the amount of stuff we still managed. We got a few deliveries on Saturday. The air conditions got servicing and who ever has air conditions, I truly recommend servicing them every 6 month! I never knew it would make any difference and IT DOES! Especially the unit in our bedroom was having some sort of sound and it's Mitsubishi brand and after those guys did what they did, it was like the first day of installation again, no more sound and didn't even notice that it was being turned on! After that, my MIL's TV was delivered and hubby and I are testing it out in our bedroom :). So we've got a 42" Tv in our room and now we're having a second thought about having a TV in the room. hhhhmmmm We also re-arranged our living room and I think it's much better now.

We also did a lot of cleaning chores and another of my fried yellow noodle for the Saturday lunch which of cuz we polished! After so much of house chores before we knew it, we had to go out to meet hubby's Aunt's family. I also tried to make Baya Kyaw ( Dahl Vadai) for tea time snack and we had some left over that we took to the Aunt's house and they also polished it! I was quite pleased with my first ever attempt of making it. Sorry guys, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of it and I am pretty sure I will be making it again and I will make sure to take pictures then. I will surely put on the recipe on the Food page though. Dinner was at Jumbo at Dempsey. This was the second week in a roll of Jumbo dinner and chili crab. Since we were at Dempsey, I went to Jone's the grocer and bought a "Calming Tea" for myself to try out to see how it is. I tried it first thing when we got home and it was really mild and lemony gingery smell and I quite enjoyed it.

As for Sunday, we made up for our grocery shoppings that we missed on Saturday. We left home around 10 in the morning and since I have been pestering hubby to take me to the Phoon Huat shop we went there first. They have everything baking materials but sad to say that I didn't find the two main thing which I have been looking for. Wholewheat flour and Active Yeast. Instead I bought whole meal flour, molasses (I have yet to think of where I'm going to use it to make what) and five grain bread flour. Then we went to do our grocery shopping at NTUC and guess what hubby found!!!! 

Yes! Active Yeast and I also found what I was looking for wholewheat flour and unbleached all purpose flour!!!! How amazing! So I told myself not to underestimate the local super markets! And guess what I made as soon as I got home! Whole grain apple pie by Michale Smith of cuz!!!! It came out unbelievably good. Hubby of cuz didn't quite like the crispy crust of the whole grain BUT I loved it and so was the Aunt's family. Yes, they dropped by in the late afternoon to our place and I gave all of them a slice each and they loved it.

After they left about 8 I was already feeling quite famish and  decided to make some chicken curry with rice but hubby protested and asked for noodles AGAIN! yes, so I told him why not I make Moh Hin Kha with the flat rice noodle and he eyes just lit up so here it is. Moh Hin Kha for dinner.

Also, I have been wanting to try out the pomegranates and I finally bought some. They're pretty expensive though, $3.5 for 2 :(

Leaving you with some sun set shots on Sunday and a champagne snow skinned moon cake.

Catch you soon.

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