Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smoothie and a mug of cleansing tea for a start

Yesterday there was no exercising for me. I was just telling my hubby yesterday that I might have to go for my eyes check up because I have been keep having headache nearly every evening. Yesterday was not so bad though. I took that as an opportunity and told hubby that I was not in the mood to cook. So we just made noodles with onion and sheesh kabobs. Been awhile we had that so it was quite yummy for us.

Then we watched "I hate Valentines day" and it was a sweet funny movie and called it a day. Yes sorry, nothing exciting happening last night.

This morning though was good. I had my breakfast order placed since last night :) Yes, I had to place an order for my breakfast to hubby if I want something special if not Masala Chai is by default.

So here's what our breakfast for today was.

Yup, Strawberry smoothie (Strawberry, frozen bananas with milk) Hubby made it

After such great healthy smootie, I came to work and chowed down this beehon with salami luncheon and fish cake. I know, so not good at all. I'm still going through the transition period. 

This is my cleansing tea I brought from home which I got from Jones the grocer. It looks like uhmmmm you know what pack ya? ha ha