Thursday, August 27, 2009

A quick recap

I just realised that I haven't updated much this week. I must admit that I have been a bad bad girl. I didn't go to the gym at all this week. A quick recap:


Hubby got up early and got ready for gym while I was still lying in bed feeling SUPER sleepy. So hubby let me sleep more and we didn't go to the gym :)

Was quite happy to cook up the stir fry beef which was in the fridge since 2 weeks ago. Dinner was stir fry beef with rice and it was YUMMMY! of cuz Hubby did complain it was a tad salty. I learnt that I should not put any salf if I'm using soy sauce and Vegatta.

OH! at 7:30 the helper showed up!!!! ok, I need to rethink of changing her :) I do like her work.


Hubby went to the gym in the morning. I told him that I have to attend a full day training which starts at 8:30. Believe it or not, the training was for 1 participant and we are supposed to be the partners of the organising company. Anyhoo, it was an interesting training and we did enjoy the food. Snacks through out the day and lunch was at Olive Tree, Mediterranean restaurant. Wonder how much they charge per person.

Also, I made an appointment for Tinki's sterilization. We also bought a really cute carrier bag for Tinki so she'll be comfortable once her operation is done. I know, I have been lacking in photo department and I should do it soon.

Dinner, we just had it at Vivo. I tried the prawn noddle at Food Republic for the first time. It was quite good. No wonder every time we are at Food Republic there is always a line for the stall.


We had to send Tinki for her sterilization at 8:00 am. I bet she knew something was up. So no gym again and full day training again. Snack full day and lunch was a 8 or 6 course Chinese meal. Very yummy as well. Ok, I think I like food too much and I enjoy any sort of cuisine.

Hubby was getting worried about Tinki and called the clinic around 2:00 to check on her. The receptionist told him that the operation is over and that he could collect her anytime. So, off he went and picked her up. She was in a such a bad mood and poor little Tinki seems to be so much in pain from her groaning I heard when hubby called me.

I ran home after the training and putu was looking drowsy and weak. I also bought a E collar for her. Hubby managed to snap a few pictures. I promise I will upload them soon.

Dinner was GOOD! I made Thai basil chicken fried rice and hubby LOVED it.

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