Saturday, August 22, 2009

and back...

So it was time to get back on the tread mill and happy to say I hit 2 consecutive days of run which made me feels good.

It was quite difficult on Friday and only managed 20 minutes. It must be not hitting the gym for a few days but on Saturday morning it was quite good. I managed a 31 minutes run for 3.81 km.

I thought it was going to be a mad Saturday but we managed it. We went to gym in the morning and finished around 12:00 and had a quick lunch at Harbour Front centre. Not too long after our gym, hubby's Aunt called and asked to go over to see them off. Where Hubby's aunt lives is about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from us. Then she said they're leaving for air port at 4:00 which means we only have 3 hours to get to her place and stay for a few hours and head back home and we also had an dinner invitation to attend to which is on the other side of the town. BUT! in the end all work out well. Hubby needed to take care of a few errands and he was running late and also his mobile was in a dying state. So I called the Aunt and told the situation, thankfully she is OK with it and that may be another time. Whewwww, that really took a load off my head. I did a bit of house work while Hubby is out and did farming and played Scrabble with Aud too.

So that was much about it for Saturday and we ended up coming back home around 1:00 am that night after the dinner. They mad Indian Chinese and it was really yummy....

Sunday, we did grocery shopping and also since we were running out of Tinki's food we stocked up more of the Burps. We bought 24 cans and got 1 free. It was more over a Premium one that we got free.

Then we got home and I made my Hubby's favourite fish curry which his another Aunt's recipe. Yes he has 3 aunts.

Oh yes, the helper never showed yesterday. I think we might have to change her.


  1. Inu didnt come again? she too scared to come?

  2. nah, its cuz she moved to Yishun and her old owner has moved to Tanglin. So i guess its quite difficult for her to travel. Well, just have to wait and see.