Monday, August 31, 2009

Bags and Women

Have you ever felt you can't choose what you like that you have to rely on other's opinions? Well I am that sort of girl that I can never make a decision on my own and sometimes I feel so frustrated that I don't even know what I like. As a result I always end up with gifts from others and I am quite happy with what I get. 

I don't think there is any woman in the world who does not have/own a handbag/purse/shoulder bag. As for me, I like big should bags. Reason being, as simple as I can throw nearly everything in. However, lately I have been having a bit of dilemmas and will get to them later. 

OK, first stop my MIL's gift for my birthday last year. 

I really like this one and I have been using this like 95% of the 2008 and 2009. Then I got another one from my MIL for this year's belated birthday gift last month and the material is really light.

Isn't it gorgeous? Yes, Its BIG and lots of pockets. I could even fit my laptop in it. How wonderful is that? Here comes the sad news. Its really heavy :(. So that's my first dilemma. Are all big bags good? Hhhhmmm I am sure they are as long as they're light. Wouldn't you think so? 

Ok, next stop. My best friend Aud gave me this cutie as my birthday gift this year. She's a darling. She knows what I need and when to give. She'a good timer!!! (sounds not right, but you know what I mean! 

And guess what? I know you must be thinking how unfashionable I am. I have been using this bag to work!! Ha! yes, I commute to work nearly an hour every day on buses and trains and if I have a laptop bag and another bag with the equivalent weight of my laptop bag I think my I will have droopy shoulders in no time.

Last stop, this is my most expensive little bag that I ever bought for myself. Its Anteprema and it has this gorgeous blood red color. Its a tiny bag again but this is my party/function bag. I got this from a friend's wife when she was clearing out her branded bags and I bought this for 100 SGD. 

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