Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catch up for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday..

Sorry for not updating our activities for the past few days. So here's a quick re-cap.

After the Saturday lunch plus Aud's baking session, we were really not in the mood to clean up the dishes nor the kitchen and you wouldn't want to imagine the mess in the kitchen. We were looking forward to the helper coming and simply waited for her on Sunday. Guess what! she called in the morning and said that she wasn't well and that her sister would come by. Ok, the thing is her sister does things SUPER slow and hubby isn't really impressed with her ironing at all but I was somewhat desperate. So, agreed for the sister to come.

She came 1 and a half hour late which sort of ruined our plans for the day. I couldn't be sitting and waiting for her so decided to go for my hair appointment. I was getting a tad tired with my "Golden" hair color and decided to go darker again. Had a change of the color and also cut my fringe. Hubby looked surprise when I got home and said, I'll get used to it :) I love him..

Then we were invited to my cousin's birthday dinner at Tunk Lok Seafood restaurant in Arena Country club which is about 30 mins away from our place. Yes, its pretty far out of town. The food was alright.

No gym for Sunday.

Monday - Finally we managed to hit the gym and I was feeling tired but I managed a 30 mins on treadmill for 187 calories burn.

The rest of the Monday was just as usual super busy and ended with Burmese noddle salad for dinner.

Tuesday - Gym work out was my lower body and day went by as usual with tons of things to do at work. In the evening, we went to a 1 year old baby girl birthday party of Hubby's ex-coworker at Jade India.

Wednesday - We were so tired from the night before and decided to rest from the workout. Work was usual and we didn't really have a proper dinner as I had some snacks at the office catch up coffee session. Hubby as usual made some quick fix (toast with tuna and bacon tomatoes). Oh yeah, time of the month and I had super bad cramps today at work but panadol helped and survived the rest of the day.

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