Thursday, August 6, 2009

A surprise gift!!!

YES! I got a surprise gift from my best friend AUD! She's such a darling. I think she's copying my style of surprising people!! ha ha.. nah.. she's gorgeous. She gave us a little jar of this hand made eye cream a few weeks ago and Hubby and I have been using it every night and just love it.

So, I told her that we love the cream and that its finishing. Literally I was scrapping it last night and VIOLA! I got a BIG new container of the cream. Its all natural hand made from Hawaii. Can you believed it? She ordered it online and asked the lady to send it to me.

For those who are into hand made and all natural creams, please do go to this Frence'sca online shop on ETSY! I have yet to write a note to thank her for her gorgeous cream but I did thank Aud of cuz.

Oh with this, I also got a gorgeous sample size of Pumpkin Pie Shea cream.

Nothing much is new today. Hubby and I went to Vivo City for our veg dinner and did some toiletries shopping.

Will be hitting the hays early as tomorrow is FRIDAY and gym day!!! Oh and its going to be a long weekend for us.

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