Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Farm

Hubby said I'm addicted to this. For those who does not know what it is. Its a game on FaceBook about farming. Its really cute game. You get to plant vegetables and flowers. Take care of them and sell them and you get go up levels which allows you to expand your farm area. It sounds like a kiddy game may be it is but its a fun game.

Did I tell you? My zen seems to be died :( but I'm sure Hubby will revive it again. Wednesday and Thursday we took a break from working out. I am not sure why but I'm feeling a tad lethargic today. May be its a time of the month + Friday syndrome.

I did manage to do my Upper body today. Also a friend of ours was in the gym. He's rather a small frame guy so I believe he's planning on training to bulk himself up. He was asking for training tips and we did give him. He also has Jit as his training partner and I'm sure Jit is also giving him tips. Like I said, I don't normally offer tips to others unless they asked.

It's been nearly 2 months since we've started back training but I am still not very happy with my diets.

Monday is holiday so we'll have a long weekend ahead.

Here are the tasks I plan to do over this 3 days weekend.

1. Clean house
2. Laundry
3. Fix Zen
4. Arrange and update the music in Zen
5. Clean up my laptop
6. Cook for Leena and Sandeep for Saturday dinner.
7. Plan for food/exercise for the week.
8. Send Tinki for her vax

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