Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long weekend ended with G.I Joe

So Sunday was a totally lazy day and thankfully our helper came but Hubby is not liking the idea of the Sunday. We have to put our other plans aside and wait for her to come and basically ruin the rest of the plans.

Oh and I now converted Hubby to be a Happy Farmer too ha ha and he showed me the Scrabble on FaceBook which was also fun. So played scrabble online with each other sitting across the living room then we dragged Aud to the game as well. Of cuz I'm hopeless in Scrabble and I lost many times :( that shows I need to build up my vocabularies.

Monday was a nice day I must say. We started out with our workouts which was good and the whole day was nice and cooling because of the drizzling rain.

Yesterday's workout for me was Lower Body. Then he hit the Bugis Junction mall and Holland Village to do some shopping.

Got back home around 2 and Jit and Kanu came by and we decided to go for G.I Joe. It was a nice Sci Fi film and Brandon Fraser was in it too!!!

Some news for you...

  • Yes, my Zen has died!! yes its official and for now my companion for my runs will be my PHONE!
  • I'm going to go back to my healthy eating and regular exercise regime. I know I think I probably must have mentioned that like 1000 times but truly and seriously I am hitting it back!
  • I have been wondering if I should attend a Personal Trainer certification. I am actually thinking about it seriously. What do you think?
  • Our baby Tinki fell sick after her vaccination on Saturday and she was not too well still yesterday and she'll have to go for her sterilization next week too. Poor little one.
  • Oh and I made a tray of chocolate cake and apparently it was pretty GOOD??? I'm amazed!!

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