Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thoughts and feelings

I have been thinking a few things these few days...

  1. Is it really worth to work so much and spend little time with your love ones?
  2. I have seen a few articles that tells you how to deal with your career and being a Mom/wife ok, I am not a Mom but am a wife who enjoys spending every minute at home with Hubby. Is it wrong to limit my work time during the office hour and head home when the time is up to spend time with Hubby? I get really upset when I can't leave for home on time and it seems to be happening quite frequently lately.
  3. I always believe that work will always be there the next day and why spend all the little time you have in a day doing it when you know it will be there the next day.
  4. Why are people so inconsiderate? Why can't they accept or let go of the little things which will not matter so much to them but it would to others?
  5. Opinionated people, why do people criticise everything other people do but what they do is always right. I am a person who do not give opinion unless asked and keep quiet when i do not agree with another person's take on things or opinions. I would rather continue what I believe and what i know and I wouldn't impose. I may probably state 1 time to share my views but if you can't accept and start to argue, you won't get an argument out of me. Which is why I am not a lawyer nor ever was in a debate teams.
  6. I hate confrontations. Why do I always end up tearing when people are rude to me and start to confront me or be little me.
  7. What will make me strong and be able to stand my grounds?
  8. I believe in meditations and I think everyone should try.
  9. Why can't people be happy and content with what they have and stop complaining about everything and anything? Oh, please don't take me wrong. All of the above, I am not complaining. I am simply sharing my thoughts with you.
  10. I wish people will stop complaining about how FAT they are when they can fit into a size 8! and think about others who are obese and having health problems. When I see over size people, I do feel for them. I wish I could help them train and guide them to a healthy eating habits. I want to be able to motivate them.
  11. Will it be ok if I don't talk much? I think ever since I have done my 10 days Goenka meditation camp when I was 16 in Rangoon. It was an amazing experience. For 10 days one must not speak to another, be vegetarian and fast from noon till dawn. Trust me, it is not for those who do not have a strong will.
  12. Why is it so hard for some people to show their love? I love my family so dearly but at times I feel I can't show it and I am not sure if they truly know how much I love them.

to be continued....

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