Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seems been a while

No updates for the past few days and I can't even remember how it went pass. Nothing really exciting and no gym for Wednesday as I was feeling too sleepy and Thursday as we were fasting and Friday as my MIL and DIL are here.

Parents in law arrived on Thursday evening and leaving tomorrow for Bogor, Indonesia.

Gosh, I ate so much yesterday that i was feeling bloated. Lunch we were at Swensen's at Parkway Parade and I had curry chicken baked rice and waffle ice cream. Yum, it was darn good but too much and for dinner, we went to Apolo Banana Leaf in Little India and again I feel so full.

Anyhoo, tomorrow we plan to go for gym and cook dinner for my childhood friend. She requested for Indian dinner. She better shows up.

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