Sunday, August 30, 2009

Energetic saturday

Even though we slept late last night as I had to stay up till 1am to do some work, surprisingly I got up feeling fresh. We had the AC on and Tinki in the room to sleep with us. She slept between my legs most of the night and it was a nice feeling to have her little warm furry body next to my legs. Also on the hind side I was so careful the whole night worrying if I moved I might wake her up.

We managed to do a few chores in the morning and I was happy to be feeling energetic enough to do all the loads of laundry and also cooked something in the morning. Well we got up around 9ish to when I was done with those it was already 11:30. I used to be someone who does not care much about the clothes and would just throw everything in the washing with one setting for all. However, I really do believe that people change as they get older :) Now, I am pretty particular with my washings. I would separate my laundry into:

  • Undies
  • Whites ( I normally soak whites for at least 3 hours with Vanish/Napisan)
  • Blacks ( I wash blacks separately as well as I noticed that if I wash them with some others colors they tend to get lint from other colors. Just my observation)
  • Light colors
  • Home clothes & dark colors
So you can see how long my day of laundry would usually take. After my many loads of laundry and much attempted chicken curry for nan gyi thote we went to the gym around 12:30. By the way, the chicken curry didn't make it for Nan Gyi Thote


Again, I tried to get to the Gym for a beginner Yoga lesson but we were 10 minutes late and I didn't go in. It would have been fine for me to join late but I don't like to be the late comer especially on the first day. So I just decided to do my strength training for upper body.

Chest - Dumbbell bench press 12,12,12,12,12 (4kg)
Back - Lat pull down 12,12,12 (19kg) Bench back row 12,12, (4kg)
Shoulders - Seated dumbbell press 12,12,12 (4kg) dumbbell shrug 12,12 (10kg)
Biceps - Dumbbell curl 12,12,12 (4kg) hammer 12,12 (4kg)
Triceps - Overhead dumbbell pull 12,12, (4kg) bench dumbbell row 12,12,12 (4kg)

Abs- 50 crunches, 20 4kg medicine ball twist, 2 10seconds plank

After the workout I thought I should do a body fat analysis again and the machine was acting a tad funny and didn't manage to give proper results. It may just be a good thing as I have put on 700g!!!! My weight now is 57.2kg. Well I was of cuz quick shocked at first and then I recalled the events and food I had in the past month and I guess it just shows it all. OK, better get my acts put together now.

Oh and dear husband's laptop has been acting up again and we decided to go to Sim Lim centre for repair after the gym. We got back around 4:00 and I continued to keep my laundry and also decided to do bit of cleaning up while hubby took a nap. There was a Hindi movie on TV while I did some house chores.

To continue my chicken curry story, before we went for the gym I soaked some chick peas because I thought of making Baya kyaw (Masala Vadai) and guess what happened to them. They went into the chicken curry and I made it into a chicken and dahl curry for dinner. I did take some pictures of the dinner and will post it once hubby helps me to transfer the pictures from his laptop.

We ended the day with a nice movie, Hidalgo which came on Channel 5 and I cried at the end. I was telling hubby that if I have a choice to do anything in the world, I would be saving animals from human abusing them. Hubby suggested me to volunteer for that's the thought...... Good night...

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