Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More appointments to be done

This morning hubby came with me to the clinic and the doctor mentioned that the scan results are pretty much the same as last year. However, it would be good to just get the small solid cysts to get biopsy done so that we can have some peace of mind. So there, I have another doctor, specialist this time next Saturday. From the clinic, we went to KFC and hubby had his breakfast to go and I had mine there as I had some time to kill before a meeting.

Original twister meal without mayo without cheese and ice tea. Pretty good as I haven't had it for a few months now. The rest of the day was just pretty much normal work stuff and as I have said before, I had half my mind at work. I also was quite happy with some improvements I made to my journal. Check out my Food and Wine links. Movies will be coming up shortly. I made these pages so that I can create a list of food that I made and wines we tried. So check out my dinner below.

This is our dinner which we made together. Chicken schnitzel, baked butternut squash and steamed snow peas. It was DELLLIIIICIOUS.

OH! My bad! I've got a great news to share with you. I've got my Best of Chef at HOME!!!! Michael is finally home:)

I can't wait to try out all the recipes from here. I am so going to have so much fun. Also a few of my practice shots of sun set view from our house. Enjoy.

And now we're watching "Echelon Conspiracy".

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