Monday, August 30, 2010

Our weekend projects

So this was one of the project that we did. Our photo collage for our breakfast corner wall. It was a fun project really. We decided on the color of the frames first then the design then the photos. We printed these photos ourselves on the photo papers. They weren't great but they turned out not too bad afterall.

The next challenge was how do we hang these on the wall! So we stick each frame with valcro stickers on to a card box cut out and we stick the whole card box on to the wall with 3 M photo frame stickers. And then Viola. Just cutting the photos, fixing them in the frames and sticking and getting the whole thing up on the wall took us 3 hours and we both enjoyed doing it and we were really happy with our little project.

The second project was solely hubby's and it was the dinning chair that we wanted to test out. The picture is the end result. Forgot to the before photo.
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