Thursday, August 12, 2010

News last night

My Mom called me last night late and told me to call back because she wanted to explain to me about my Dad's test results for the operation. When I called back, Mom said that Dad is having high blood sugar and there are concerns about the operation as to the wound may not heal properly etc. Dad was pretty upset and depressed when I called him. I did give some cheer up notes but I know that only thing I can do from here is to pray and that God will take care of him. Deep down in side me, I know things will be Ok but still prayers are needed. 

I thought I wasn't going to be able to sleep well last night as I was having some thoughts but to my surprise, I slept quite well. This morning was oranges, apples (both green and fuji) and star fruit juice. I don't know how good it is for us to be having fruit juice every morning but I do feel much better and great for the rest of the day. Also, it is quite refreshing. 

Last night, we had the left overs. I had the chicken and dahl with rice and hubby had the fried rice. I am getting quite happy with the grocery shopping we did and the home cooks for the dinner. It's just so pleasurable and relax to be home after a crappy day at work and make something yummy.

I still have not manage to think of what I would like to make with my processor. Probably I will sit and think tomorrow night. First, I thought this weekend to ourselves but seems it is going to be another mad weekend.

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