Friday, August 27, 2010

Donation and interesting history

Last night after dinner, hubby and me were sitting at our coffee corner just relaxing and heard the door bell rang and we both jumped! Wondering who can it be at this time. When I went and opened the door there was a woman fairly young properly early or mid 20s standing there with the sweetest smile and asking to speak with working adults. So I asked her what it was about and she started explaining she was doing the fund raising for Singapore Cancer patients. I immediately asked her how much would the donation and how it works, so yes last night we did some donation to SCS and both felt quite good to have done something good for the community. She was so polite and humble. I invited her in and offered her something to drink. We really do admire those who can give them and energy for the community. 

So what about the interesting history? I came in this morning to work and while chatting with 2 of my colleagues and talking about Youth Olympic Games they mentioned something about YOG being in Nan Jing for next year. They also mentioned that it's ghost city!! I got interested and asked them why so and found out when I Googled it. I cannot believe how people can be so cruel and disgusting.

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