Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicken melt

Last evening, I decided to go out and watch a movie with hubby. So I bought us tickets for "The girl with the dragon tattoo". On my way home from work I was already planning dinner in my mind. So I got home gave a quick call and wish my Aunt and Uncle a belated anniversary and waited for hubby to be home. 

I made hubby a chicken melt with our left over roasted chicken with shredded mozzarella and I had a bowl of left over moh hin kha.

These were the last 2 slices. The first two were consumed so fast that didn't get a chance to take any picture :) Yes, hubby loves sandwiches.

Today is going to be another challenging day for me at "work". Well at least I am not going into the office as there are 2 meetings to attend to outside. 

OK, am going for a cup of Masala Chi with a Home made marmalade toast.:) Pics in next post.

The movie was quite good. I'd give 4 stars out of 5.

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