Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy busy Saturday

We were out and busy since 9:00 this morning. First was the grocery shopping for fruits and dinner for the evening. We invited our friends couple and I decided to make the apple roast chicken, roasted potatoes and tabouli. From there we came home and and dropped our shoppings and had to run out to Ikea to get some more photo frames for our project which we're doing for our photo wall. Then we rushed back home and had a quick lunch and headed out to our last class of our Mandarin course. It was really fun and interesting and I think I would continue to take the intermediate class. May be not in September but probably after that batch. 

From there came back home and did the cooking marathon. Here's the dinner

Sorry about the blurry photo

Here are some photos of the view from our living room window. Enjoy.

And the fruits for the week fruit juices.

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