Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not a great morning

I just had a cup of hot water pressed against my tummy as I'm having really bad cramps. Woke up this morning and I so don't want to be in office. My legs are aching and so is my back and bad cramps with bad mood. Sigh. Oh well, I can't really remember how I even managed to get dress and now I"m in office. 

Yesterday evening was such excruciatingly painful. One meeting was over around 3 45 and had to sit with partner till 5 at a cafe and moved to another cafe and sat and wait for boss and another partner till 6!!!! then had to sit with them and listen to their so non productive conversation till 8! Thought about just getting up and leave for about 10 times. What made it worse was that hubby was out with his cousin and Aunts at Universal Studio to celebrate his cousin's 18th birthday and I couldn't join. What a pain right? At least they managed to get a open ticket for me which valid till 31st December so I didn't basically waste anyone's money for having to go to crappy work. 

Last night was when I decided that I really need to take charge of things now. I cannot be feeling depressed and let everything around me pull be down with it. I"m going to take charge of 

  1. Finding a new job
  2. Take care of my happiness
  3. Get back in to exercise
With that decision, I started applying some more jobs while waited for hubby. He came back around 9( I think) and he got me a super cute and HUGE betty boop mug and he also got himself a Universal Studio mug but not as big as mine :) He said it was really nice inside and that I must go and said he didn't take that many photos only about 700!!! ha ha. Sorry, I won't upload any of those photos because I haven't been there and see any of them yet. 

Oh and I am terribly sorry for lacking in photo department. I was actually looking for hubby's camera memory yesterday to upload some and he left the memory card in office. Oh well. 

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