Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow, where shall I start from?

So many things happened over the past one and a half week. Over all the India trip was great! I missed having a driver and a car ha ha. Shopping was mad and I went crazy. Ha ha not that crazy just a little bit. Now I have been to Bombay! Oh wait, supposed to say Mumbai. I felt it was very much like Yangon for the town area but too many people and too many cars. 80% of our trip was just sitting in the car. So not very productive. The city looks sad with all the slumps and rubbish where they could have such a lovely city with the gorgeous sea view. Even the sea looked so sad with the muddy looking water and all the rubbish flooding around. 

We also went to Taj hotel where the bombing took place in 2008 and the cafe where the shooting happened. We extended the trip for 3 more days and got back last evening. Brought Tinkle Bell back from Jit's place last night. She looked really happy there and quite upset to see her feeling stressed out to come back home. Not so sure if she even remembered us. 

At the moment the house is in a MAJOR mess with luggages everywhere in the living room dirty floor. Boy, we have tons to do for the evenings before the weekend as I think we will be expecting some guests over the long weekend. 

Well, seems I'm going to get a new camera!!! You know what that means? It means, I will probably make a point to upload pictures here.

Well, this is just a short note to let you all know that I am back and will upload the pictures. 

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