Friday, August 13, 2010

Our first spinach smoothie

It was a success for our very first green smoothie and we both loved it! I have first read about this smoothie from  a blog  and I have been wanting to try this for many many months and FINALLY I did it! Let's see how hubby's tummy will act today.

Yesterday evening was quite nice. Got home around 5 after meetings and went out for dinner with hubby at vivo city and shopping. It was the last day for the sticker exchange at Giant and this time we got 1 Stir fry pan and 1 fry pan. Not bad eh? We also bought some almonds, pineapple, dates and bananas. I am sure you can guess where the banana were needed right? Then we got home around 7:30 and watched a movie called "Shelter"! Scary!!!! but interesting. Also, we thought we'd watch one more movie to get those scary images off of our head. So we watched "The Joneses" but it was getting close to 11 and we decided to stop half way and went to bed. Yes, I'm still reading "The breaking dawn". I hope to finish it over this weekend. Darn! I'm such a slow reader. 

Also, I talked to Mom and Dad and Dad is still sounding quite depressed and I hope he'll be stronger and feel better soon for his operation. 

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