Monday, August 23, 2010

New stuff from Ikea

We had such a productive weekend and we're quite happy with it. Most of all we had so much fun at IKEA yesterday. I don't know why but every time I'm at Ikea, I feel like a kid again and feel happy.We bought, 

  1. A new cover for our 2 seater (the black one is in a bad state)
  2. File boxes (Pretty cool ones)
  3. 2 stools/side tables for guest room
  4. Shoe horn
  5. Lint roller
  6. Extra shelves for our pole wardrobe
  7. New laundry bin
  8. 3 photo base shelves
  9. Black and white photo frames (this is going to be our project to decorate our wall with our photos)
  10. 2 big glass jars (LOVED IT for 2.95 each)
  11. Steel hooks for the kitchen rails 
  12. Extra cutlery drain dish 
  13. Hubby's tool accessories ( he can't live without getting some screws and drill stuff every time when he sees one)
I think that's about it. We spent about 350 bucks! The main thing we wanted was the chairs for our dinning table and we didn't get them because we somewhat forgot the color of our dinning table. We actually took a break during the Ikea shopping yesterday it was funny. After first half shopping we went to hubby's aunt's place for lunch then went back to Ikea while I  did the second round of shopping, Hubby went and picked up his contact lens at Queen's way. 

After 2 weeks of not having the maid clean the house, it was about time Enu does her magic and the house is in a great shape again. We got back home around 3:30 and Enu came around 4 and she cleaned the house for nearly 4 hours. Also, both hubby and me didn't waste any time the moment we got back and started fixing all the stuff we bought. 

Last night, I wasn't in the mood to cook anything at all so poor hubby had to finish off the left overs and I had tom yam cup noodle for dinner. I was actually wanting to go to the train station and have Mee Soto but knowing hubby he wasn't in the mood to go out again I decided to just have something at home. 

While dinner, we watched Karate Kid and talked to Mom for a little while as yesterday was her birthday. Karate Kid was actually nothing quite near to the original BUT we bought thought it was cute and Jaden definitely did a good job and he looks so much like his father! Sweet movie. Enjoyable. 

BTW, I believe this is my 200th entry.

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