Monday, August 16, 2010

Breaking dawn - FINISHED!

2 days weekend was not that fun as compared to 3 days. Dah! everyone knows that. I seriously cannot remember how my weekend started but I know exactly how it ended. Let me just recall.

Oh yes, Friday night, I made fish curry for dinner and we watched "The Joneses" and it is a really cool movie. Both hubby and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I feel that it so true how the story goes in every day of our lives. Then we watched "Accidents Happen" and it was WEIRD. I am not sure how to describe it but if I come to think of it, I think it actually capture all aspect of life too but too depressing for us. 

Saturday was such a busy day for us. I got up to know that hubby has already gone out to get some stuff from a grocer downstairs. He came back nearly an hour later and realised he actually went out to a super market to get the groceries for the dinner we were hosting for his cousin and Aunts. He made butter chicken and he was really thrilled to use the food processor! Yes, we used it for the first time. He was so so happy with the outcome except the chicken had gone a little too hard. Well there's always going to be a second try. He also made paneer and kulfi from the scratch. I only made paneer bhurji and dahl and cleaned up the house. We took it as an opportunity to use our dinner set and table clothes we bought from India. Yes yes, I promise to add the photos when I get home tonight. Hubby did snap some pictures. Of cuz we have reached our Mandarin lesson 8. 

After the guests left, both of us were so pooped and head straight off to bed. There was so much food left and I'm sure we're quite good for the next few days without cooking. Sunday morning, I had a cup of tea and bagel for breakfast. I also made Spinach smoothie for hubby and me and of cuz hubby spilled half of it on his papers :). He was half way sorting his papers when I went to give it to him. 

My biggest achievement this weekend is that I finished "Breaking dawn"!!! HOOORAY! I did it. It was such a great book. I am so proud of myself for completing a near 700 page book. I need to read more books. Now, I've just started "Eat, Pray, Love". I told myself that I must finish "breaking dawn" over the weekend and I did so I was really happy. While I was so engrosed in my book, hubby did the sorting of paper works and in the evening, we went out to meet with his relatives for dinner. I bought more fruits and spinach before we came back home at 10 :)

That was much about my weekend and let's see how this new week of mine is going to be. 

OHHHH another news is that my "Best of Chef at Home" is ON IT's way. I'm so excited. Best of all, my friend is sending it as an early Christmas gift! I'm so blesses to have such friends. I got my Hsaba as a gift too from Ko ZH. 

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