Thursday, August 19, 2010

A short hair cut a bald patch :(

I am not at work today which makes me feel really good and relax. I have been thinking last few days really seriously that I need to so something really soon before it gets out of hand. Which is my job. I seriously think it is effecting me physically and physiologically. Yesterday I got myself a hair cut and a colour touch up after leaving work at 4 in the afternoon. The doctor gave me 2 days medical certificate and why not I make use of it right? 

Quickly of cuz I made arrangements with Aud to meet up as this is such a rare chance for us to meet and hang out. She came to my hair salon and we chatted. That was when my hair dresser said you've got a "hole" in your head!!!! I was like WHAT???? Then I realised what she meant was a bald patch. :( I got so scared and shocked for the rest of the evening. By the way I had my hair chopped really short and I liked it but I wasn't able to feel happy 100% as my bald patch was bothering me. Sigh. Is this another sign of stress???

Well, I want to do something from home. I cannot live totally without a job without an income surely. So what can I do? Anyhoo, here are the pictures which I have been promising you lot for many many months. Enjoy.

Firstly of cuz a start with Tinki.

 A view from the house.

Tinki sprawl

Dinner set and new table cloth

With me in the shot

Spinach, banana, milk and blue berry smoothie

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