Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A good dinner and a great movie

Yesterday was my yearly ultrasound scan and every year, I get so stressed before the scan and so I was again for the whole of the weekend but well now it's done and will have to wait for the clinic to call and tell me when to see the doctor. So that was my morning then came in to office and I have no idea why the woman in my office thought that I was taking half day leave when I said I will be coming in a tad late. Anyways, I shouldn't be complaining too much and I just grab my life situation and manage it. 

So the day just went by just like that and got back home around 7. It was  a nice evening I must say because I got to chat with my old friends like David and Fadzli. I was also very happy because my best friend has decided for the better and I am sure she will not regret her decision. 

Another wonderful news is that my Dad is home and he's recovering slowly. He sounded still weak but I am sure he will get stronger slowly. 

Ok dinner last night was sheesh kababs with gorgeous asparagus and instant noodle :) Yes we cheated but we were getting a tad tired with the left overs so it was a lovely dinner. Also we did a fun project on how we wanted the photos to be hang on the wall in our little breakfast corner. I think we came up with a decision now we just need to buy more frames. 

One thing I forgot to mention about the weekend was that I went to Barcelo alone and had a quarter chicken all to myself and it was the most delicious meal for that day! Hubby was at his favorite shop "Challenger" getting a printer for his cousin. 

After dinner, we watched "Undisputed III : Redemption". It was an amazing fight movie. I think I must find the   I and II for this. After watching this, "Karate Kid" becomes like a cartoon. Well why am I even comparing it. They're just different. Anyways, I have decided that from now on I'm going to give some rating to the movies I watched. 

So let's start with this. * * * * *

May be they just need to make the blood scene a tad less.

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