Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice gorgeous Sunday morning with a bowl of Moh Hin Gha

This morning we woke up to a perfect morning with chill winds and cold rain. I just loved it. I am more and more appreciating the little habit of cleaning up right after a party. That means when I wake up the next day, I can relax instead of having to worry to have to clean up. 

So this morning, as we were just relaxing, hubby decided to varnish the test dinning table chair. Yes, we might sound strange as we only bought one chair to see if the color would match with our table. Well of cuz it didn't as we expected but hubby had better ideas and he decided to put a few codes of varnish.

While he was doing that, I made the most perfect Moh Hin Gha(burmese fish noodle soup) to go with the perfect morning. Yes, I do admit that I used it! I did! I opened up a ready made package :( BUT I am not regretting and shameful of it as it was AMAZINGLY good. So, if any of you out there wants to try out ready made Moh Hin Gha, I do recommend this brand. My sister in law bought it for me when I was in Yangon. It's by "Khin Htwe Yi" and the noodle was by "Myound Mya Daw Cho"

Instructions were also pretty clear and so easy to follow. Basically, just boil a couple of onions in 2L of water and when boiled, just throw everything in. 

Enjoy. Update of the chair will be in the evening.

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