Sunday, February 7, 2010


Saturday was a full day of work for me yet again. Hubby came and picked me up at 5 and we went to see the Courts Mega store for some fridges and mattresses sales. We nearly ended up buying a fridge but they gave us some excuses about having to deliver in 2 months. So we decided not to take it up and decided to go for shopping in a month time. 

I was so tired last night that decided to hit the hay early but the plan didn't go that well and ended up sleeping around 1 am. 

We got up around 8ish this morning and guess what! we were really good and hit the gym. We got to the gym around 9 and realised a bunch of people were there also waiting for the gym door to be opened. Generally it opens at 8 on Sundays but today apparently the receptionist decided to sleep in and we had to wait for about 20 minutes. 

Can you see it there! Yes I hit the 4K mark! I was really happy however when I stepped on the treadmill today, my goal was to hit the BIG 5 mark but I decided to listen to my body and decided to take the break at 4. It was not too bad at all actually.

Duration : 33.35 minutes
Distance : 4.16 km

Calories burned : 243
Sweat level : Really really good

Also, I have been planning to show you the view from my treadmill and finally I took the shot and here it is.

Here you are looking at Resort World at Sentosa and I believe it is still work in progress. 

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