Monday, February 8, 2010

iPod TOUCH!!!! I GOT!

On Saturday hubby decided that he would get the Nano for me as a anniversary, valentine's and birthday gift. However since it was Saturday we decided not to buy it. Then Sunday came and we went and looked at the Apple store and we noticed about the iPod Touch and hubby decided that I should just get that instead of the Nano.

Sunday after our gym workout, hubby's cousin Nakul came over since he is in town now for a month or two and he spent the afternoon at home with us then all three of us went to Naranjan and got me the Touch.

Guess what! we totally fell in love with it. Its everything that an iPhone has except the phone and camera features and I can make do without it. I will take pictures of it and will show you tonight. 

Also as you can see, we did not go to gym this morning because yesterday being Rahul's birthday we went and celebrated at his place.

Today is Ma Sa's birthday and wished her earlier and found out that one of our Cousin Aunt just had a stroke last night. 

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