Friday, February 5, 2010

Nearly there...

Got up this morning reluctantly at 6:30 and we hit the gym. My upper body was so sore when I started to run but I was quite happy after 30 minutes even though I forgot my water bottle and my ear phone piece was missing. Also this is the first time I had my water break after minute 20. I hit level 10!!!!! I'm so proud of myself.

Duration : 30.59 minutes
Distance : 3.93 km

Calories burned : 223
Sweat level : Really really good

Oh and also, I wanted to share what I had the other day. It was rather quite nice. First time having it.

I believe it is handmade noddle with minced meat. Not so sure what its called. 

The title of this entry "Near there" means I'm nearly there for one of my goals 5k under 30 mins :)

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