Thursday, February 18, 2010

Annalakshmi dinner and Nike+ Sensor

So I saw Lionel's post of Annalakshmi this morning and I couldn't resist but to try it out this evening. Also today being THursday, it was just perfect! Thanks so much Lionel!! Yes, who ever is reading this and wondering where to go and what to eat in Singapore! I would seriously recommend you to check out his blog! Its just amazing how much information and variety of food you can find there. Boy can they eat, hee hee.

Ok, that's about my dinner. Oh and the food was gorgeous! Hubby wasn't too sure about the concept of "Pay whatever you wish" but we gave quite a decent amount as the food was just delicious. 

Nakul, hubby's cousin has been wanting to buy us something for our anniversary and this is finally what he got for me!

Do you see that tiny thing on my shoe lace? That's the sensor which tracks my running/walking of distance and   calories etc. I was not very much into how much calories I burned but more of how much I have run or walked. So I'm pretty psyched :)

Here is picture of my iPod's cover we bought on Tuesday.

If you noticed that I am finally back connected with the world as I am now using hubby's E66 phone from today onwards and I noticed that his phone camera works way better. The pictures above are all taken with his phone.

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