Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First day of the User Acceptance Test = Crazy day

Today was our project's first day of user acceptance day and it was really madness. To be prepared to take the stress I went for a run in the gym for nearly 4km!! I was really happy but regretted it as the day went by. It was so crazy and too much drama at work. 

Anyhoo, here's what I managed to squeeze in this morning. 

Duration : 30.58 minutes
Distance : 3.88 km

Calories burned : 223
Sweat level : Really good

Also, I wanted to share the sample tiles which we chose for the house. 
These are the tiles for the shower area and the floor for the bathroom. We are not planning to have any other tiles on the wall except the shower.

This is the one for kitchen flooring.

Left is for the living area and right is for the kitchen.

Common toilet shower area and flooring.

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