Friday, February 26, 2010

Starting of the HIIT once again.

So I have decided to get back to my HIIT routine. How HIIT works is that I would only run for 20 minutes but in the intensity level will change every minute. For example, this morning. I ran for 20 mins. as below.

1-3 mins Level 5
3- 4 min Level 7.5
4-5 min Level 8
5- 6 min Level 9
6- 7 min Level 9.5
7- 8 min Level 7

and so on. For min 19-20, I would run for the highest level I could and today its 10.5!! Yes. 

This is my Nike iPod Stat and here's my treadmill stats below.

Duration : 22:16 minutes
Distance : 2.89 km

Calories burned : 173
Sweat level : Really Good!

Yes, you won't believe it. Even though I only ran for 20 minutes, I was drenched. Felt good after that and also I managed to do my Abs exercises.

I think I am getting tired of having McDonald's sausage muffin for breakfast every day. I should start making breakfast and other food as well.

I am sorry I did not update yesterday. I did try out my GHD and it was amazing! It didn't take 5 second to heat up. Can you just believe it?

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