Sunday, February 28, 2010

First purchase for the house

It is the fridge. Yes, finally we bought it. After so many months of researching and looking around for the fridge we bought it today at Courts. 

581L Platinum Silver Side-by-Side Fridge

Price - SGD$ 999 after price matching against Harvey Norman.
Extra 3 years warranty - SGD $ 169 (total 5 years warranty)
Delivery - SGD $29.90
To be delivered date - 10th April between 11 - 3 pm.
Total - SGD $ 1197.90

You wouldn't have any idea how many shops and how many rounds we went to finally decided on to get this from. We were going back and forth between Samsung and LG and decided on LG finally.

Also, check out what we also bought this from Gain City at Ang Mo Kio where we went to check out the Air Conditionings.

Its a juicer and amazing one as well. I have been thinking of getting this for awhile but at much as a food processor BUT after having a fresh juice of carrot and star fruit juice today I decided I must have a juicer. The one I was actually eyeing was from Philips somewhat similar looking to this one but the price for that is nearly 250 bucks and for this one we got it for SGD $96. As soon as we got back we made carrots, orange and green apple juice. AMAZZING! Love it. I think I will be making a lot of fresh juices and such healthy ones as well.

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