Monday, February 1, 2010

Mad weekend

Believe it or not I was working form 8 am till 7 pm on Saturday. During that time I ran and met with the contractors to see the tile shop which they recommended with hubby. Didn't quite like the price and they didn't have the tiles which we previously looked at and liked. So we decided to tell them that we would rather want to go back to the previous tile warehouse and get the ones we looked. 

Sunday came and we left home around 11 and got back home about 5:30. We went and finalised the tiles, went to IMM mall to get more ideas on the mattress prices and the air condition prices. After that we went to International Furniture Mall to see more mattresses. I think we would be going for Max Coil Latex mattress but our budget is SGD 1,500. 

This week or rather this month is going to be such a crazy month. Oh and guess what! our previous owners requested to extend to stay longer at the place as they have no place to move. So seems we will only be getting the house on the 27th Feb. Oh well....

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