Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's dinner at holland village

I thought we wouldn't do anything special for Valentine's day but hubby took me to a nice dinner at Holland Village. We had Foie Gras as a starter and it was just AAAAAMMMMAZZZING. Hubby had a stake and I had pasta. 

Yesterday, I made Ohn No Kauk Swe and some liked it and some barely touched it. I don't know if I should care much about it or not. Oh well. Hubby made brownie cake and layered them with syrup and everyone just loved it. 

Also, another amazing news is that I hit my first ever 5K run yesterday and it was just fantastic feeling. 

Duration : 39 minutes
Distance : 5.06 km

Calories burned : 292
Sweat level : Unbelievably good.

This morning we did hit the gym and here's what I did for my lower body weight training.

Sumo Squats
Hip Adduction
Hip Abduction
Seated leg curls
Abs 50 crunches 10 leg raises

Also, we got ourselves a nice covers for my ipod touch and iphone.

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