Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bad run and new chest workouts

This morning even though we were not sure if we really want to go to the gym and we did. I did my upper body work out.

Chest - Bench press on Smith Machine ( no weights, 10 kg, 15 kg, 15 kg, 15 kg)
Back - Lat pull down (19kg, 19kg, 19kg, 25kg). Ranu from gym actually corrected me on my lat pull down form and it was good)
Seated dumb bell row (5kgs)
Shoulder - Seated dumb bell press (3kg, 3kg, 3kg, 4kg)
Biceps - Seated dumb bell curls (4kg, 4kg, 4kg, 4kg)
Hammer curls - (4kg)
Triceps - Cable Triceps extensions (5kg)
Overhead Triceps extensions (4kg, 4kg, 4kg)

After my strength training, I decided to go for a run and it was a horrible run. I only lasted 10 minutes and and started having side cramps. So I had to stop. Oh well. 

So that was much about our workout stuff today and hubby dropped me off at my hair salon for my much needed touch up and highlights. I did it for SGD $90 which I find was very decent. I also had a trim. 

By the way, I forgot to mention which Courts we bought the fridge from. It was from Tampines Courts and I got myself another pouch for my iPod.

Here it is and it costs SGD $29.

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