Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our 2 year anniversary!

Today we marked our 2 year anniversary and we went to Vansh at Kallang Stadium Walk for a lovely outdoor dinner. We received a lovely card from Aunty Jane and Uncle Albert yesterday, received a lovely note from Pwa Pwa in my email, and a gorgeous wish from Mom in FaceBook. We got a call at 12 midnight lastnight from hubby's mother and this morning my Mom also called me. Hubby's Aunty and brother also tried to call me this afternoon. Aunty Jane also called this evening. It was so lovely to know that family love and care about you so much and that to know that you always have your family no matter what. 

I had a bad evening at work and I need to learn to just let go and not to get upset easily. I need to understand and learn that there are many people in the world and work environment especially with different personalities, attitudes and views of things. Not to let any of these people to get to you. 

Anyways, this will be a little short entry just to tell you that I had a lovely evening with hubby at the river side and lovely dinner. 


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