Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ah chooooooooo

I was in bad shape yesterday as my allergy acted up and sneezing and my nose was way worse than a running tap. It only started the moment I left the house for a meeting and it became bad to worse. Not good at all. So I ran straight to the doc and got sick leave and loads of med. Hubby joined me for lunch by ditching his gym yesterday as the clinic was just downstairs of his office. Really sweet of him 

After lunch, I went straight home and went to sleep till 5:15. It was a really good sleep but I was feeling weird and drowsy when I woke up. Anyways, I was feeling better after watching Drumline on tele and hubby came back home. So I made some quick dinner. Also, I have totally decided that we shall not buy anymore frozen fish EVER! Fresh is way better!! If you recall, I bought tons of meat the other week and I bought 2 pieces of red snappers. I made 2 pieces into curry and the last piece I made fish tikka with the masala that hubby's cousin in Bombay gave me. It was delicious. My first attempt at trying to fry fish this way and I am pretty sure there are going to be many more of these little guys. Hubby said it'll be great as snacks for the guests next time. 

Then as usual, I made some greens too. I cannot make do without any vegetables with my meals. 

Steamed green beans
Grilled asparagus
My best fish curry (sorry, not that good looking)

With that we ended the day and this morning I made a tropical smoothie to load ourselves with Vitamin C.
In the smoothie :- 
2 frozen large bananas
3 pieces of pineapple
2 oranges
splash of orange juice
a hand full of frozen blueberries

I'm leaving you today with these gorgeous sun sets shots I took yesterday. I was trying to take the rays and not too sure if you can see. Enjoy.

Lunch Lovely day
Lime SodaLovely day

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