Monday, September 13, 2010

A productive Sunday

So the weekend was over with a great accomplishment for us. Our another project of sorting out hubby's tools drawers/cabinets was a great success I must say. Hubby's task was to make pull out drawers in the cabinet and mine was the organisation. The project actually stretched over Saturday and Sunday basically because we were still too sore and tired from the Friday workout/run.

Now, I'm a happy girl when I'm in our two other rooms. The closet room and our guest bedroom. The closet room is where I gave hubby space to keep all his tools. Some snaps of all the cables and his tools after I did my magic :)

I feel like I'm one of those shop keepers from an electronic shop with lots of spare parts packed in plastic in a drawer :) Well that is how it is supposed to be! If you want a neat and tidy place and easy to find everything. It's see through. I think I have become a bit of a neat freak in the past few years. I just hate to see things lying around and it gives me headache and get irritated. Believe me, I used to be such a messy person well a little messy but I'm not so bad that I live without any clean clothes or rats coming out from under my bed. :)

Someone (sorry, I really can't remember who) told me once, "everything should have a place". I think I am so living by that line now. Whenever I get something I make room for it. If I have no place to put why get it? Also may be another reason is due to my excessive watching of "Clean house" ha ha. 

After the tools department, I moved on to our guest/office room. The room has been screaming for help for many months and I finally did it! Here are some of the before and after shots. 
The after office desk

Office shelve before

Office Shelve After

Closet room before

Closet after 1

Closet after 2 (The little pile on the floor is hubby's gym clothes. yes, he prepare them every morning before work).
So, what do you think? I know there are still a bit of work required but I think we did a good job for now. Definitely there's room for improvement. 

Next projects :
1. Fix Tinker bell's scratch pole. (hubby wants to make it taller :))
2. Sort out documents 
3. Fridge organisation/cleaning

BTW, in case if I haven't told you. My in laws AND my Mom is coming to stay with us on the 30th. Soooo, it's going to be a fun house :)

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