Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

It's Hari Raya today which is a religious holiday for Muslims. So wishing all my muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya. You won't even believe how fast today went by. Also, you won't believe what time I woke up. 6:59! Yes, imagine on a holiday I was awake at 6:59 am! I feel like for holidays, I have so many things I can do and I shouldn't waste a single minute at all. So I got up and went to watch some tele as hubby was still in his dream land.

Well the one thing I must update is that I went jogging/running outside today!!! while hubby went to the gym. It was my first time running outdoor and also after like nearly 7 months of not running so I could only do like 3 mins of running 5 minutes of walking then another 3 minutes of running. Yeah, don't laugh. BUT hey I tried and I'm not going to give up. I'm going to keep on trying to run outdoor from now on. Save on Gym membership. While on the way back, I stopped by the train station and bought Mee Soto (gosh, what do to? I'm addicted to it now.) for myself and Mee Rabus for hubby. Met a Eurasian lady and started chatting for a few minutes.

My addiction, mee soto from the train station

Tinker Bell, giving my food evil eyes :) Yes, yes she's so concentrating on my food.
I really don't know if I should be giving Mee soto to a cat
Then we went to watch Resident Evil 4 in 3D with Jit and Kanu and it was not so bad but a lot of things/stories/reasons seems to be missing. Well you have to go and watch it to understand what I'm talking about. After that hubby and I had to run to the airport to meet hubby's sis in law and his nephew for awhile. They did a short transit at the airport on the way to India.

From there we came back home around 7:40 and around 8:30 we left for JUMBO to have a celebration dinner with Jit and Kanu. It was a lovely evening/day. Here are some fun shots from there day. Also, hubby is now working on the chairs while I am updating my journal and Putu is lying around keeping us company. It 1:06 am now.

  Vivo city, Moon cake fair. Yes, it is already Moon cake season now.
Love the colors
Jumbo at East coast park
Sorry, food came and only thought of eating. No time to take pictures before diving in :)
We polished it all
Some interesting stuff. Click on pic to view in zoom. (If you are interested)
Are all those really fierce dogs? They all look cutie pies to me.
Remember! Stay on the right Track
Wake boarding park at East coast
Hubby and Tinki hard at work :)
Booo hooo, 2 more days till Monday kicks in again.

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